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Milanese by birth, Aosta Valley by adoption, we are a family that has chosen to change its life, together with our little girl Martina and a Neva Masquerade Siberian cat named Elliot.
The mountain has always been part of us and we have chosen the slopes of Mont Blanc to put down roots: the rhythms, life, people, colours, smells are now part of us and so we decided to bring some of our mountains around the world, to make them known more deeply through a product that we have always loved and that we have decided to contaminate with alpine flavors and smells
Thus Neva Tea Mont Blanc was born from our passion for tea: a selection of fine teas prepared with mountain herbs and flowers: genepy, yarrow, mint, juniper, lemon balm, thyme, savory…
Neva Tea is a sensory experience, which starts from the scent and takes you through the woods of Val Ferret, next to the Rutor waterfalls, in the meadows of Val Veny, on the banks of the Dora, to get to fully savor it when it is you sip and you manage to capture all the nuances of this incredible territory.

Have a nice trip!
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